Uncounted Votes: A Case Study in Analyzing Aggregated Data

The aim of CHANCE magazine is showcasing and encouraging sound statistical practice in the social, biological, physical, and medical sciences. This education column will foster these aims by showing how data sets from CHANCE articles, as well as other data sets, can be used to engage students across disciplines in the study of statistics. In the 20th Anniversary issue of CHANCE, the article “Using Chance to Engage Undergraduates in the Study of Statistics” described how many CHANCE articles were used to make students active participants in the classroom and promote the GAISE guidelines, calling for the use of real data. In this column, we will carry that argument further by exploring in depth how real data such as those explored in CHANCE articles can be brought into the undergraduate classroom in a way that fosters interdisciplinary engagement, active learning, and what George Cobb labeled “authentic play.” The relevant data set for every column will be made available online. It is our hope that our readers can use our legwork and the materials we present to bring these articles to their own students and thereby promote sound statistical practice from the ground up.

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