CHANCE—published quarterly in February, May, August, and November—is a joint publication of the American Statistical Association and Taylor & Francis Group. The magazine is designed for anyone who has an interest in using data to advance science, education, and society. CHANCE is a non-technical magazine highlighting applications that demonstrate sound statistical practice. CHANCE represents a cultural record of an evolving field, intended to entertain as well as inform.

Since its creation in 1988, CHANCE has covered such topics as the 1990 census adjustment and the redesigned population survey, sports, the environment, DNA evidence in the courts, a variety of medical issues—even how to win on “Jeopardy.” CHANCE offers a unique opportunity to reach beyond statistics professionals to a more general audience.

Technical Requirements

All photographic artwork must be, at the minimum, 300 dpi and 150 lpi. We accept the following computer file formats: PDF, TIFF, and EPS. When sending a PDF, embed all fonts and make sure all line art is at least 1200 dpi.

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