Using the R Package geomnet: Visualizing Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of Africans, 1514–1866


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, hosted by Emory University in Atlanta, GA, contains information about nearly 35,000 voyages of slave ships from Africa to Europe and the Americas between the years 1514 and 1866. The data are extensive, and were gathered chiefly from primary sources, such as ship manifests or family and business records. Collecting this vital historic data has taken decades. In the last 15 years alone, more than 50 individual researchers have contributed data from their own work to help complete this database.

The website that hosts this data also provides many educational materials on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, including essays about the conditions on board ship, origins of the slave trade, and eventual abolition of the slave trade; images of primary sources; and an African Names Database containing more detailed information on nearly 100,000 Africans who were captured by Europeans and forced into slavery in the early 19th century.

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